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Aretha specializes in assisting manufacturers and distributors to increase their turnover and margin by taking away the complexities of selling to demanding B2B customers or direct consumer sales.

Complex B2B customers

As a manufacturer or distributor your days are filled with product innovation, design, producing not too much but also not too little and serving your distributors or retailers. Managing large but complex B2B customers with high IT demands is not your core business. This is where we come in. We have the experience and far reaching IT integrations with large B2B customers such as Amazon. We can take over from managing your feed and stock, fighting claims, fines or shortages to representing you.

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Direct B2C sales

The traditional chain of manufacturer - importer - distributor - retailer is changing. Chains are being cut short and more and more distributors and manufacturers are selling direct to end-consumers. We assist you as a distributor or manufacturer to selling direct to end-consumers; increasing your margin while taking away the hassle and complexity of selling to end-consumers. We have more than 18 years of e-commerce experience and will represent your brand (either under own brand name or white label) on all relevant market places.